small girls and large black guys
i like to see pics with small girls and large black guys side to side to compare their  difference in height

Piper Perri (4'11") & Josh Stone
[Image: fer0e86te2yn.jpg][Image: v6ap2yqgopo6.jpg][Image: i5dgenpm5w5u.jpg]

Piper Perri & Dredd
[Image: zvcl1p6atowv.jpg][Image: 1ku9l904p9ez.jpg]

Piper Perri &
[Image: 30lnc4iv2omw.jpg]
Piper Perri &
[Image: 7ljdpczewb6j.jpg]

[Image: 6328-elizabeth-pelayo.gif]
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[Image: rkgzsygd8vau.jpg]
[Image: 6328-elizabeth-pelayo.gif]
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That's Asante Stone, not Josh Stone.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
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What scene was Natalie in
(07-13-2018, 09:14 AM)danhill544 Wrote: What scene was Natalie in

Nat (@nastynatxxx )  mainly does her own stuff with her boyfriend, Louis smalls (@LouieSmalls69_)

She’s Honduran, 20 years old and 5′2

He’s Haitian, 28 years old and maybe 6′9

[Image: tumblr_p9qvyjQ8b81sggffzo1_540.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_inline_p9qvnwZBe31ro9fnt_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_inline_p9qvoztDdA1ro9fnt_540.jpg]

But they also did a scene together for hussie auditions/hussie models

[Image: tumblr_inline_p9qvftkG3T1ro9fnt_540.jpg]
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Scenes like this are great!

But strangely, this is almoust never the point of the scene...

Same with tall girls, camera almoust always tries to hide it.
You do realize that this is what the movie King Kong was all about right?

[Image: OzJZe.jpg]

Tom Brady: America's most famous cuckold.
White Girl Connoisseur

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  [Image: 0wh8csqvvlk0.jpg][Image: s2yj87iq2k4i.jpg][Image: lzicxhlnznf7.jpg][Image: kt0pljmf3mdf.jpg]
[Image: 6328-elizabeth-pelayo.gif]
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That scene with Samantha is one of my favorites. Did she do more work?
Right now my number one tiny chick riding BBC has to be Bambi Black.  Say she loves black men and her first released IR scene was with Mandingo. Really hope she sticks around awhile and continue doing IR.

[Image: full.jpg]

[Image: original-754a14c959488c9a3dac9e91a115a02a.jpg]

[Image: corstruvpwvp.jpg]
[Image: 5b2777caeaa14.jpg]
[Image: za7i9s9apzz1.jpg]
[Image: 2602995528bd45f44322f8ae9e7ca6fe0ad68ad1.jpg]
That Mandingo scene was hot!!!!

[Image: bambi2.jpg]

[Image: 16769341.gif]
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