Controversial Black Payback Site Now Up
This is the site that Leigh Raven shot her scene with Rico Strong, the scene that ruined Rico's career. There's only 5 scenes up, but a good cast so far: I've identified Maddy Oreilly, Violet Monroe and Bobbi Dylan so far. Can anyone identify the other girls?

What does everyone think about this? The only site I've seen deliver something close to hard black on white is Dickdrainers so its refreshing to see another site doing it. I am suprised to see Prince on there. He didn't say anything after they threw Rico under the bus but he shot for the same site. 

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Imma pass.
Think the last two are Kat Monroe and Dolly Leigh(if so that is surprising).

Gonna pass on the site though never been into this type of porn, dont get off to this type of stuff.
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I not a big fan of Prince's grunting & this seems to turn it up to 11. Plus, I like dirty talk but I like when the girl does it, not the guy. I'd pass for now.
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Interesting. But until now all scenes are a waste for me as I dont like Prince.
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Agree dont like prince
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Gots to say the nay-no on that one.
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Wow, heavy negativity towards Prince... I have to say though even though I think he puts in solid effort I prefer other male talent to him in most cases. I haven't looked to closely at the content on this site but if it's all Prince that's already a strike against it. Variety is the spice of life...
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Yeah, it's a pass for me as well.  Prince in virtually every scene and limp dick Rome Major loves slapping girls around because he can't keep his small ding dong hard.  I have no idea why anyone would hire this guy.  I want to see the Rico scenes with Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon; however, I don't think he'll post them because he's probably scared of the Me Too crowd.

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