Controversial Black Payback Site Now Up
in her twitter she said she regrets this scene.
^ Why not post up the tweet when you post something like that? It's believable, but we don't have any actual proof when it would of been easy to provide. Is she a real Trump supporter and is not liking the backlash or what? I would assume a girl who isn't the biggest fan of Trump would love to make a mockery of his campaign like that.
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here it is

I have to scroll for two months of tweets (twits?), you could have trust me
^ Sorry to play devil's advocate here, but she doesn't explicitly state what site it's for. Who's to say it's not for the many incest scenes she shot? Which brings me to: I love it how performers try to equate porn to sex in regard to having to be into every sex act they shoot or person they shoot with. Are they really ALL into incest? Is every girl to work with Ron Jeremy into him and think he's dreamy? Are all male performers into anal? This shit is ridiculous. It's a job. You do a scene to make money, not because every single thing turns you on completely and the money is just the cherry on top.

Not to say she can't regret doing a scene, but give me a break. If she truly is turned on by the idea of fucking her stepson and sees nothing wrong with that, then more power to her.

But that's only one argument. Another thing I noticed was that she said, "I learned to never shoot race play, to never stay on a set once my hard limits are disrespected, no matter the $ or ‘opportunity’," but yet, she stayed on the set and did just that probably for the money. Just find that humorous.

But the last interesting thing is that someone said "Race play is hot though" to which she responded, "Depending on the level. When the producer puts performers in position to violently degrade one another physically and verbally, further perpetuating current social discord, Idisagree. Of course I agree w freedom of expression. I don’t agree with breaking hard limits/exploitation," That makes me think she's of a mind that it's hot if it's towards the person of color/black person and/or isn't rough (I would argue this could be a smoke screen, but whatever). The 'exploitation' and 'perpetuating current social discord' makes me think this is more about looking bad as a white person by a person of color/Trump alt right type of ordeal. Maybe she feared the backlash of the right or her family is racists and would have had a bone to pick. I don't know.

Apparently people 'verbally degrading' and 'exploiting' the white race is a crime against humanity and must be put to a stop, though. Nah. Not the other way around or anything. That doesn't still go on and is far more prevalent and an issue in our current society, including the porn industry...

I can get behind her on if she wasn't comfortable with any of the rough stuff, though. No clue how rough she actually likes it in her personal life, although I think she probably gets down like that, but whatever, I'll concede everything on that front. I still say it's mostly about feeling a certain way about the race stuff towards being white, white privilege, Trump supporters, etc and the rest of it is more of a misdirection from the core of the issues.

At the end of the day, like Leigh Raven, she could of just walked off set and not been paid, but she chose to see it through. That's something I can't really get behind since we already have Leigh and Riley Nixon as examples of the content that studio puts out that everyone's aware of already. Unless her scene was filmed a long time ago, which is possible.

Like I said, though, I'm just repeating myself now, but I think this is more of a 'not wanting my white fans to be too mad at me' type of thing. She even agreed with a later commenter who stated, "You are an ACTRESS, and you don’t owe anyone an apology for playing a role. Violating your limits, on the other hand, is unforgivable. You aren’t the one who should be apologizing." Which is literally what they all say about incest scenes. They are just performances/role-playing, they are really related. Ok? How about using that same logic for scenes with black men? Even if you aren't actually into fucking your stepbrother, you could still 'pretend' to be. It's bizarre. Like I said, are all these women into Ron Jeremy? Are all male performers into anal?

Something else I've been thinking about on that last point: If porn isn't actually a performance and is just real sex and real sex rules apply (have to be into what you're shooting, etc) then that's illegal and porn is prostitution. The only reason porn is allowed to exist is because it is a performance, not real sex. Or at least that is what they would argue in a court of law. So real sex rules do not apply to porn. Simple as that. You can apply them, but when the shit hits the fan, they sure as hell aren't gonna stick to them and swear up and down that it's not real sex.

Lastly... nah, son. Ain't trusting anything without proof. What do you think we are... Trump supporters?

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Fuck a wall of words!!! Big Grin


if you take a look at her twitter I don't think she is trying to please her white fans.
I've got the opposite feeling. Her black fans are growing and she wants to ride the wave and this particular scene was shot a long time ago.
And to me it's pretty obvious which site she was talking about. In fact I was surprised it take so long to release the scene.

Btw I like Helena but I don't think she deserve all this speculation.
^ Wall would be if I didn't use paragraphs. Yeah, those are obnoxious.

Fair enough. Yeah, she posts a lot of IR stuff. Might be a Trump/MAGA thing. Probably was worried about receiving death threats. Who knows.
Although I doubt her black fans would care much about it (I doubt most even watch or are aware of BlackPayback). Layla Price has a lot of black fans, too, and she didn't feel the need to apologize. Maybe it has to do with the Trump/MAGA aspect of the scene?
It's speculation, but probably. Maybe the site feared backlash. You know how crazy some Trumpers are.

Duly noted. I'll take that under advisement next time.
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I was kidding.
Don't take me so seriously, I simply didn't expect so much reasoning.
Or maybe you are giving more attention than I give.
no prob.
So was I. Or was I...
That was never something you had to worry about. None of us take each other seriously here. Yeah, I went on a bit of a rant there. Would have probably been better as a blog post. Doubt a pornstar would of retweeted it, though, so not worth it.
It's possible.
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Why would she care about her white audience? It's not her first IR scene. Why would she get death threats over this, and not the other ir scenes? I mean really, judging by all the comments from this threads it seems to me black guys are not into this, so that means it's the fucking white guys who are into this shit.

I didn't have to scroll that much to see she retweeted some political shit. She probably thinks that scene was too much or something, even though she sells raceplay vids on manyvids all the time. But it's like, didn't she check the site before she did a scene? Or their twitter, which is just as political as the videos? Seems like a dumb thing to do.
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I suppose the scene was filmed before the site was online but your point remains. If you don't like the script you can refuse instead of trying to have your "virginity" back.

I think that the people who like this site are the same who want to see a woman humiliated.
Even if the site plays the racial card it doesn't seem, to me, the key.

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