Controversial Black Payback Site Now Up
(11-08-2018, 07:03 PM)whiteisright4bbc Wrote: ^ Dogfart hasn't done N-Word stuff for years. Was she even in porn when they were? How would she know they did those shoots? Her scenes for them were pretty tame.

And maybe she doesn't have a problem with "racism towards whites" since whites are the majority and "oppressors." Plenty of people feel that way, especially on the far left. I'm surprised you're taking this stance, tbh. Seems counter-intuitive and not in line with your militant viewpoints. I think you've made a strategic error here, but I'm curious to see where you take this...

Ryan Conner used the N-Word last year in that scene she did with Moe and Nat Turner. Some of these girls do speak on how they won't shoot IR because the racist stuff but you don't see the black male talent RT or agree with them because most of there work is IR, and they have no problem how the scenes are as long they get there to check. Sorry, Miss Leigh but you can't tell a black man what to do with his money because they got to paid bills, and Living in LA isn't cheap.

As for Dolly Leigh she better be careful what she tweets on racism because fans will pull that scene she did for BPB
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^^ Their twitter definitely seems to be one big meme from what I can tell. Clearly seems tongue and cheek/trolling. I feel like you kind of have to look at the content of the site that way also. Their previews are pretty obviously done in a very satirical light. This is just a site you can't take too seriously. And yeah, I definitely don't subscribe to the notion that literally 1-3 black guys makes our entire race look bad. I'm sure we can find three examples of white guys that could be said makes the entire white race look bad, but that never seems to be a thing.

^ So one scene in over a year. Let me ask you this, do you think any of those girls watched that Ryan Conner scene? Do you think Dolly Leigh did? Do you think most of these girls even watch porn? Most don't seem to investigate at all with regard to what companies they shoot for, which is why you have women complaining on twitter about sites like this one and FacialAbuse.

No idea what you mean by "tell a black man what to do." You're going to have to elaborate on that one. Personally, I think it's all in your head with this one, man.

Who was that BlackPayBack scene racist against, J Mac? Was it racist against whites? Are you a proponent now on white racism? How often do whites experience racism in the porn industry, J Mac? And also, since you are in favor of whites not being racially abused on camera even if they are fine with it, wouldn't that mean your stance on race-play in scenes pertaining to referring to the dick as "black" be out of line with your stance here? Or are you only in favor of whites not having any race-play used against them in scenes?
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^ Those aren't necessarily my opinions. I was just guessing at Mr. Mac's motivations.
They haven't released this scene yet but they have a trailer for it which is funny and true because the cunt lied

I think someone like a Layla Falcon would shoot something like this ever calling white girls Beck so is this a new racist term for a white woman now
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