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(09-12-2018, 09:30 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: Cavill was a terrible Superman.

How the hell The Rock never got this gig is beyond me. He was born to play the role.

The Rock as Lex Luthor would be better. I do like him as Black Adam though...
Word is that DC/Warner Bro could cast Michael B Jordan as the next Superman


Now everyone is all pissed about it but there are two Black Superman in the comics, One is Va-Zod from the Earth 2 series


[Image: latest?cb=20170112211710]

And Calvin Ellis from Earth 23, btw he is the President of the United States, he plays both roles at the same time

[Image: latest?cb=20150309174949]

He could play one of them
[Image: 19423513.gif]
io9 has a status rundown of all DC movie projects.

Short version, it's a mess.
[Image: 3743594_BlackedRaw.com%20Riley%20Reid%20..._055_s.jpg] 
Here's the first looks at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker in the Joker movie, this is a different Joker and doesn't follow the other Joker's in the DCEU


[Image: DnouPpLWwAEtRFI.jpg]
[Image: 19423513.gif]

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