Drought of interracial orgies/foursomes?
I think without a big studio backing it you won't see a lot of orgies. In the past you didn't have all the pirating of the internet. Its not like it use to be when funding these scenes.
Can y'all recommend some good foursome 2B/2G IR scenes?
Dunno, ^^^^ makes sense. I liked a lot the mentions above, but MonsterCock Fuckfest was my fav.

It was the series that got me interested in the genre. Few foursomes and orgies have done it for me before or since.

There any IR producers reading?

Seems to me, there's space for that style of "a couple shows up to a swinger party with spectators and then all hell breaks loose" kind of orgy to show up again.

The few women I've watched porn with were also big fans -- a la the early episodes though (monstercockfuckfest 1, 2, 3, 4). The latter ones lost a bit of the appeal as they became and were shot more like the titles mentioned above.
I guess no one remembers the ORGY MASTERS series, especially the early ones directed by Alex DeVoe.
And the band played on.
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