GLASS Trailer
I saw the trailer for Glass, and I was very impressed how M. Night took 2 completely unrelated movies and converge them.  It even hints that its a "superhero" movie.  I've never seen Split or Unbreakable, but I will soon.  
It's been ages when I saw Unbreakable, but it's a great movie. You could say that it was a superhero movie before its time. I liked Split, and I'm very curious about Glass.
Im always hopeful that M Knight will reach his full potential again. Im in!
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Been looking forward to this since Split. Could be good.
does the movie split ever refer the other two characters? I didn't know he was part of their world.
^There's a Bruce Willis cameo at the end of the film

Personally I'm looking forward to this film. Hope it doesn't suck
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oh thanks, yeah that director better bring his A game.

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