Gotta Choose One: Early 00's WWE Divas Keibler vs Stratus
Trish back then. And she's turned into some serious milfy goodness.

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I will always go with Stacy. I was never feeling Trish. Not a thing when did impressed me.
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They about the same in looks, they both have they pros and cons, Kiiebler has nice long legs, but strauss a little prettier imo. But at the same time, i'm laughing about how that is basically softcore poorn
I think this comparison is the perfect preference gap between what the average white guy (Keibler) and the average black guy (Stratus), at least in the states, would prefer. 

Miss Stratus was always a favorite of mine for that same reason, thick, curvy and stacked.  Big Grin

She might even be a #45 supporter for all I know Wink , but body wise, it's unequivocally a win for Miss Stratus.
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Trish Stratus
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Trish Stratus. Kiebler's got that cute thing going on and has her good points though. But definitely Trish.

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