Melody Parker
(01-16-2019, 10:05 AM)blkknight1 Wrote: Having some fun the other night with a girlfriend and a couple of guys.

The other girl is Kinsley Anne and the guys are Jax and Sevyan Harden. Sevyan has some brief footage on his OnlyFans... Both of those girls really like sucking BBC...
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Congrats to Mariano Rivera on becoming the first unanimous MLB Hall Of Fame inductee in baseball history! A well-deserved honor and it couldn't have happened to a classier ballplayer. Congrats Mo---the greatest closer of all-time!!!
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Am I the only person who sometimes confuses & mixes up Melody Parker with Niki Snow?

They both have that young blonde girl-next-door look, they both prefer black men & have a ridiculous ratio of scenes with BM, & if you follow their social media accounts it's obvious they're into Hip-Hop/Urban pop culture.

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