Idris Elba reportedly frontrunner for James Bond role
^^^Well he's 45 right now, but this is not happening right now. The next bond movie (after the one with craig) might happen after 3-4 years, Idris would be nearing 50 when he makes this movie.

You say Roger Moore was 45 when he first started making movies, but he was already looking old in For Your Eyes Only, and everyone makes fun of A View to a Kill because how fucking old Roger Moore is in this movie. They're looking for a guy (or girl) that can commit to a franchise for years, decades. I don't think they're looking for a guy that can only be good for one, two movie.

And it's not like Idris is the only black actor out there, black english actor for that matter. And they can also cast a woman, or a British Indian, or whatever else they want to. I just don't see them casting Idris, it seems like a way too obvious choice.
Roger Moore was always "The Saint", to me. Just like Pierce Brosnan was "Remington Steele".
I think they could do a movie following 003 and 004, with those being Elba and Rosamund Pike, respectively.
(08-10-2018, 03:40 PM)marcusskipsey Wrote: I personally don't want Idris as Bond. I'd prefer someone to write a screenplay where a black agent makes his own way in the world and not off the cost tails of the 007 bandwagon.

Let's have a little originality please Hollywood and give us some fresh new ideas!

You mean like theses hot pieces of garbage I'm down for Idris to become the new bond its new its fresh and most importantly its ground breaking if it does happen lets see who his love interest will be if they have my man out here piping chicks of all different races lmao some people will flip there shit.

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I don't see what's so exciting about having a black james bond.

James bond is overrated anyway.
To me, having a black James Bond is like having a black Spider-Man and a black Captain America.

At the end of the day, it's kinda pointless because those roles are originally from white counterparts. People usually connect with the most famous versions of the character and they see the black alternative as an afterthought.

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I don't see this happening myself, but the guy got the attibributes and qualities to be the next James Bonds, all speculation, won't believe what is said until I see it.

Idris will probably have good spoken accent for that role.
I'm glad he refused the role.

This franchise is overrated.
jason bourne movies were good, i like them more then some of the james bond movies.
I read a good article on this on which pretty much summed up everything wrong with him taking on this role. But the way I see it is that if they wanted a black guy to play Bond it would've been like that from the start. And in all seriousness with what we have to go could you see a black man being a secret agent when in reality in some parts a black man simply walking into a liquor store attracts attention? Just imagine if it was a black James Bond trying to spy and do espionage stuff haha

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