Idris Elba reportedly frontrunner for James Bond role
I'm glad he refused the role.

This franchise is overrated.
jason bourne movies were good, i like them more then some of the james bond movies.
I read a good article on this on which pretty much summed up everything wrong with him taking on this role. But the way I see it is that if they wanted a black guy to play Bond it would've been like that from the start. And in all seriousness with what we have to go could you see a black man being a secret agent when in reality in some parts a black man simply walking into a liquor store attracts attention? Just imagine if it was a black James Bond trying to spy and do espionage stuff haha
I actually loved the idea of Idris being the new James Bond. It's been floating around for the last few years. I think the franchise lost it's way, but was recovered with Casino Royale and Daniel Craig. The new grittier James Bond fits Idris well in my mind. Anybody watched him in Luther. He's the real deal and has been for years.

2 qualifications- in this day and age, the new James Bond isn't tapping random chicks every 3rd scene anymore.
Hollywood like the NFL coaching ranks, loves a retread franchise but unlike the NFL it often works!
Idris is great in Luther. lots of IR as well.

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