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So this new chick layla love has some ass. I figured I'd check out her shit. This turned out to be a big mistake. I see there's a new clip released with her and Sean Michaels. Oh... an IR scene!

I checked the screens. Sean's dick is in some guy's mouth. W. T. F.! ?

Before you get on me about some homophobic shit, don't. I don't care if you're gay, but it's not my thing... for exactly the same reason I don't watch dude smashing 90 year olds or bitches 300 lbs. I just can't. I did not think it was Sean's thing either. While I realize that cuck genre has been getting sketchy with Shane and Sean, they've never, at least as far as I'm aware,  crossed this line. When did this happen?

Sorry if this post is in the wrong section or a taboo topic. Delete it if I'm breaking a rule. I just... wow... it's like finding out your friend of x years is a serial killer or some other way out there shit.
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Thanks for the warning; I saw that scene but haven't had a chance to download it. I usually stay away from cuck scenes where the cuck is right in the action or does cleanup. It's just not my thing. I wish I could say I'm surprised by Sean doing that but I've always felt he was more sexually flexible than he let on. That's fine, but that's not what I want out of my porn. If that becomes a trend in the cuck genre I'll just stay away from it all together. It's not like there isn't other content to watch.
I wasn't sure if it was allowed either. I found out while reading a Greg Lansky biography on AVN. I scrolled down saw it and kept it to myself.

Quote:Regarding his decision to begin shooting bi content, he said, "I feel strongly about doing the things you want to do in life. Cuckold fans have been asking me for years to do bi scenes, and I'm happy to be making this move. I believe it's important for people to grow sexually in any way they choose."
I have had love hate relationship with Sean since i was a lil kid in the 90's sneakimg to watch my grand pops flicks.  But this just broke the ghetto pass dispenser.  FUCK SEXUAL GROWTH.  I am not homophobic but nigga i can't fuck with Mark Anthony so i sure as shit anit fucken with senior citizen Sean no mo... Shane was always weird as fuck to me btw

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