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(09-01-2018, 11:56 AM)Malile Wrote: Man Shotgun, I didnt know you where that interested in my sociol views.

Just trying to give you enough rope to hang yourself with... Tongue

(09-01-2018, 11:56 AM)Malile Wrote: Liberals who want to wrap their head around transgenderism, like to us the phrase gender identity. Basically, they'd like to believe gender is a social construct rather than a synonym for sex. Actually transexuals will tell you shit like they where born in the wrong body. Now, I cant speak on that because that has supernatural connotations. I cant argue with faith or religion because it is outside of logic, but the former just tries to make sense out of something illogical.

Not necessarily. If your brain does not match up to your born gender, then you could say you were "born in the wrong body". There's nothing supernatural about that. Maybe it's a chemical imbalance, maybe it's crossed synapses. Who knows. But it could certainly be a scientific phenomenon.

(09-01-2018, 11:56 AM)Malile Wrote: If gender is a social construct, what determines gender. Is it traits that society deems specific based of on sex. Does that mean if you like be pretty or cooking  or cry when you see movies that you are a woman. If you like guns or football then that makes you a man right? That definitely means all effeminate gay men are trans right? Except many gay dude dont identify as transexual and Liking sports doesnt make you a dude. Im not going to pretend men and women dont have curtain traits, but I dont believe having those traits changes whats in our pants. I think instead of teaching our son that because he want to paint his nails that hes a girl, we should teach him to define his on masculinity. Plenty of gay men identify with women, they just dont identify as women.

Gender does not necessarily determine how masculine or feminine a person is. It influences those things, certainly, but it's not an absolute determination.

(09-01-2018, 11:56 AM)Malile Wrote: Its like Rachel Dolezal. Plenty of white people identify with black folk, they just dont put on light skin black face and pretend to be them. Liberals get in there on way. Instead of advocating to allow people to decide there own gender, they should be trying to get rid of it. And I dont hate trans people, I think they should be protected from violence and to some extend, in the work place. What gets me is shit like changing your birth certificate after you were born. That just seems like too much. Why does the government or even the rest of society have to play a part in the way you identify yourself. Government shit should be based on facts not feelings.

The only places where I've seen the government take action seem to be bathrooms and spousal rights. And in neither case would I say giving transgender people some latitude causes any measurable harm.

(09-01-2018, 02:17 PM)NiceHot Wrote: As humans, we like to simplify complicated things, because it makes our decisions and our life easier.

The Sex and gender distinction is a more complicated matter than most people think.
The majority of people belong to the same sex and gender (male or female), but not all.
We now have some scientific evidence for that - admittedly small - fraction of people.
They belong to a third category, the Intersex.

Sex = the biological distinction of an organism between male, female or intersex.
Gender = the distinction between male and female or masculinity and femininity within an individual's gender's identity.

These definitions are made up Liberal Arts college bullshit. Gender and sex are interchangeable synonyms. Gun and revolver. Gun doesn't always mean revolver and vice versa. But a revolver is still a gun. These fucking liberal college professors are worse than Trump and the Alt Right when it comes to just making up bullshit and calling it fact.
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(09-01-2018, 02:27 PM)Malile Wrote: The Sex and gender distinction is not as complicated as you think. Gender is a synonym for sex.

Well, let's see your own links:

(09-01-2018, 03:49 PM)Malile Wrote: Scientific research shows gender is not just a social construct
Why There Are Only Two Sexes
Three Gender Myths Almost Everyone Believes–But Shouldn’t

If someone has a narrative they can find or create "science" to prove it.

According to your 2nd link, there are more than 2 genders (Myth #2).
According to your 3rd link, there are only 2 sexes.
Conclusion: There is a definite sex and gender distinction.
Gender is NOT the same thing as sex.

(09-01-2018, 04:17 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: Gender and sex are interchangeable synonyms.

Shotgun agrees with you on that. So do a lot of people.
In fact, according to Wikipedia:

Quote:The sex and gender distinction is not universal. In ordinary speech, sex and gender are often used interchangeably. Some dictionaries and academic disciplines give them different definitions while others do not. Some languages, such as German or Finnish, have no separate words for sex and gender, and the distinction has to be made through context.

Conclusion: Some people recognise the distinction, others don't.
That is my basis for saying this is a more complex matter than most people think.

And I don't claim to know the absolute truth about these matters.
A lot of research and open-mindedness is required for a deeper understanding.

But I stand by my point:

(09-01-2018, 02:17 PM)NiceHot Wrote: As humans, we like to simplify complicated things, because it makes our decisions and our life easier.

Considering sex and gender as the same thing is simpler and easier.
That's why we do it. If it's true or not, only time will tell.
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Wikipedia is a TERRIBLE source for this issue. When it comes to historical events, Wikipedia is a great resource for names, dates, and events. But when it comes to anything even remotely political, Wikipedia is a fucking mess. This is a good example.

Let's try the actual dictionary that defines our language:


Merriam-Webster Wrote:Definition of gender

1 a : a subclass within a grammatical class (such as noun, pronoun, adjective, or verb) of a language that is partly arbitrary but also partly based on distinguishable characteristics (such as shape, social rank, manner of existence, or sex) and that determines agreement with and selection of other words or grammatical forms

b : membership of a word or a grammatical form in such a subclass

c : an inflectional form (see inflection 3a) showing membership in such a subclass

2 a : sex
  • the feminine gender

b : the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex

Sorry, bruh. But your definition was made up in very recent times by politically correct hacks who were trying to grammatically invent a scientific justification for their politics.
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Man, it's not MY definition. Most of the time I consider gender a synonym of sex, same as you.
But in the context we are talking, I believe there has to be a new and distinct definition, because
we are making new findings and we have to make things clear by expanding the meaning of the words.
And I agree, it's a relatively new definition of the word "gender" what we're talking about.
The point in question is not this, but if there's a need for a new definition, this or a different one. I believe there is.

Over and out! Let me enjoy my male sex and gender now by watching some of this hotty Jenny Blighe which I just discovered! Tongue
Trying to get this thread back on track here, speaking of Where Are they Now remember Jenna Presley  

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She started in porn in 2005 but took a break from it in 2008 and cameback in 2009 with new boobs and came back for the second and last time in 2010 and did IR. She reitred from the porn industry in late 2012, but several months later she found god.

2 years later since when she got married, sad how her porn career went. If she would've stay clean and off of drugs she would've still do porn today but I'm glad she happy and looks good. But we all know she will blame porn for her drug problem.

Jenna married a minster. Oh well, good she is finally clean and sober.
I damn sure hope she returns to porn soon. Apparently she's a "motivational speaker" now
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(09-08-2018, 06:11 PM)Marko Wrote: I damn sure hope she returns to porn soon. Apparently she's a "motivational speaker" now
Kiara Mia
[Image: ZpJn2qPO_o.jpg]
[Image: IfZusphg_o.jpg]

I bet them brothas be tryin' to get a piece of that phat ass Big Grin

I never understood why she never showed her belly
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Because he's 40, has kids and stretch marks.
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