The Sex Robots are Cumming!!
lol. for an hour there, you could just buy a damned fleshlight. and no way this catches on in the sex prison known as usa. bible thumping south and midwest will reject on moral grounds (while being the biggest customers), and the feminists/women who don't put out won't have it either. not gonna lie, seeing a fully autonomous sex android is something I would have liked to have seen in my lifetime, but that's probably 100 years off.
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Agreed. But virtual is maybe 40 years off, so it'll get here first. And, in my opinion, better. Virtual will do so much other things. Allow anyone to get a top of the line education, anywhere in the world. Relieve the suffering of millions of poverty stricken people, but most importantly relieve the need of people to purse consumer goals. No need to buy a Ferrari when you can touch the mouse and be riding one through the Alps. No need to chase that giant house when you're two clicks away from your Tuscan Villa or Hollywood Mansion. Full contact (5 senses) virtual will allow people to get back to doing things for the good of our planet and society.

Will this create lost souls who live in dreamland? Sure. But our streets are littered with the tents of these people now. Our drug rehab facilities and prisons. This way is safer for them, for society, and cheaper to boot.
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Things to know about Houston's soon-to-open sex robot brothel

Quote:In a surprise reveal last week, a Toronto businessman announced that he would be opening the nation's first robot sex brothel in Houston.

The business, set to open its doors later this month or in early October, will allow customers to rent or purchase a robotic sex doll that, according to the company's founder, is "warm and ready to play."

Already, the last-second announcement has raised many, many questions and plenty of outrage about the nature of the business and what it means for Houston.
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^Hookers in Nevada be mad robots stealing they job, he he he

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