d is for D....
Aight, y'all know the drill. Choose ONE only or write-in your vote.

[Image: RMi4Xqi0_o.jpg]

[Image: KqSwPo7D_o.jpg][Image: 3DzSYB9G_o.jpg][Image: 3s3iaOtE_o.jpg]
[Image: iGX5G6xN_o.jpg]
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Dakota James!!!! Where is that hot true blonde girl?
While she isn't the strongest performer here, Dani Daniels is, indeed, the hottest of this group and the one I'd most wanna lay pipe to.
Friends -

10-15 years ago I was all over Daryn Darby and that big loose booty.  (Big for that time.)  She gets my vote for old times sake.

Druuna didn't have a long career, but she was an excellent MILF.

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Dani Daniels
Man... this one is tough.. Thanks Marko for this sweet dilemma.

Can I choose three and rank them based on mood?
Other Daniella Rush. An amazing looking woman and pretty decent performer.
Daniella Rush
[Image: th_790862617_IDSTART113001220IDEND_282_2..._560lo.jpg][Image: th_579086256_IDSTART113001220IDEND_282_2..._550lo.jpg]

Some additional D's

Daphne Flor
[Image: th_790860538_IDSTART18299IDEND_16_2016_2..._806lo.jpg][Image: th_579086162_IDSTART18299IDEND_338_2011_...3_87lo.jpg]

Denice Klarskov
[Image: th_790860940_IDSTART2392IDEND_Denice20K1..._385lo.jpg][Image: th_790860516_IDSTART2392IDEND_248_2017_1...3_45lo.jpg]

Dia Zerva
[Image: th_790859140_IDSTART687IDEND_dia00300500..._581lo.jpg][Image: th_790859653_IDSTART687IDEND_3_2015_23_3..._367lo.jpg]

Dominica Lito
[Image: th_790861489_IDSTART113000955IDEND_132_2..._467lo.jpg][Image: th_790861259_IDSTART113000955IDEND_17_20...3_30lo.jpg]
Forgot all about Daniela Rush. Brings back memories. And why the hell is Dani Woodward listed? Didn't she only do one IR?

Dana Dearmond is the strongest performer on that list IMO. I thought she was long gone, but is apparently back as a milf and got thicker (looks like she got some face work done too). I've always put her up there with greats like Bobbi Starr, so for me, it's her.

Dani Daniels is about as exciting to watch as Allie Sin. A woman in a cryogenic deep sleep would probably put in better work tbh.
This is a tough one! Its gotta be...Daryn Darby! She was one of the first "pawgs" I knew about and though she isnt that pretty she does have a nice body. Druuna was also another fave and one of the first milfs with a nice ass. Was feeling Devon Lee in the past.
I'd pick devon lee. Not the best "performer" but honestly most of those chicks arent lol she was so damn fine tho so fuck it.

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