d is for D....
[Image: NTPSjpdnv1o44x8u.gif][Image: NTPSre8z5k0onk1b.gif][Image: 200.jpg]I'll take delilah strong
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Dani Daniels is gorgeous and she seems like she would be fun to hang out with

Her Blacked scenes were my introduction to that site so she gets an extra gold star
(09-01-2018, 02:14 AM)RickTheDick Wrote: Man...  this one is tough..  Thanks Marko for this sweet dilemma.

Can I choose three and rank them based on mood?

Sure you can. But I'll take the first name as a vote. So rank your moods wisely Big Grin
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Dakota James at the beginning of her career
(09-01-2018, 03:48 AM)311 and Whooty Wrote: why the hell is Dani Woodward listed? Didn't she only do one IR?

I'm sure Dani Woodward did more than one IR scene.
I was thinking about leaving her out, but redheads are my weakness. sorry Big Grin

[Image: dwDfnSZt_o.jpg][Image: GPGGsK1O_o.jpg][Image: 36H4a1q4_o.jpg][Image: gbw2qZiA_o.jpg][Image: 0cgh4t08_o.jpg]
[Image: 949ltM9X_o.png]
[Image: iGX5G6xN_o.jpg]
Dakota James
Dakota James. Especially when she got thick towards the tail-end of her career.
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Going with Druuna. Her tits were awful, but her ass was on point and she was a great performer.
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OK..  after much deliberation ...  and who consistently did it for me:

Devon Lee  ...  I cant explain it but damn she's sexy.  I mean they're all sexy. But she was in a different league.

if it wasn't Devon Lee, it would have been Daphne Rosen in her early pre-op version.

Druuna as Btsstuff said had terrible tits, but her ass and performance made up for it.
Daniella Rush, Daphne Rose, Dana DeAumond and Desire Delucia are my favorites. 

Here are more brought to you by the letter, "D".

Daisy McLane

[Image: 15544.jpg]

Dana Hayes

[Image: 225141h.jpg]

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