Kanye tweeted clothes he made of porn stars images.
So he worked pornhub into “producing” the award show, then profited off the girls who’s image was...somewhat of a likeness. Btw the girls didn’t see anything off it. Then the social media pub all the girls were pushing because of the blacked mention is gone because he’s deleted all his twitter and IG. Lol....
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no need to be einstein to see it ... he lost his mind
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No wonder this dude has gone insane. His work is trash. This is some ole “Emperor’s new clothes” BS right here.

[Image: 19796756.gif]
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Kanye did not "go" insane. That nigga has been shit-house rat crazy since the gate.
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Yea. Kanye has been saying crazy stuff as far back as at least 2004. Whenever he lost he would have outburst at award shows. He once said in 2005 Aids was a man made disease placed in Africa just like crack. A couple months later he said the George Bush doesn't care about black people bringing his outbursts to a national stage and he has said more stuff since. So this Trump stuff is nothing new.
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