Acting like a monkey
(10-11-2018, 08:06 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: Every important person in history was Black.

Babe Ruth. Lincoln. Jesus. All Black.

You motherfuckers better listen to Ipay. He knows what the fuck he's talking about. He's got that high level Five Percenter knowledge. It can't be denied.

It's a corporate white conspiracy to hide the fact that Nicola Tesla was a Black man, and that his great great grandson Elon Musk is also Black.



Babe Ruth may be black, can't prove it 100% without dna test.  Lincoln was reportedly mixed race.  Jesus probably black.

Tesla and Musk are not black, but nice trolling.  If you noticed, sneaky can't even respond, he talked shit and got his ass laid out with facts. He lied and claimed that they only painted people black in Greek art because of the background, then I showed him Greek art with black and white skinned people on there and he shut his mouth.  I don't want to be too harsh on the guy either, but don't go off running your mouth about something you don't know and even when proven wrong continue to push the lie.

You have professor Bernal at Cornell who graduated from Harvard and is white and wrote an entire book called BLACK ATHENA.  You have professor GJK Campbell Dunn from Cambridge University in England, another white man who wrote "Who were the Minoans?: An African Answer" and "The African Origins of Classical Civilisation", you have a white professor James H Dee, a professor in classics from Texas who wrote a book called "Black Odysseus, White Caesar: When Did "White People" Become "White"?"

"In the Odyssey, Odysseus is said to be ‘black-skinned and woolly-haired’ – at one point we’re told that Athena makes him beautiful by restoring his natural black skin colour [see, Odyssey 16.175],” says Whitmarsh... Tim Whitmarsh, Professor of Greek Culture at the University of Cambridge, to answer any questions you might have on the ethnicity of Troy – starting with the big one"

And for some of you hard heads who want to say he is a slave or a mercenary or the typical white supremacist bs
" a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey. Odysseus also plays a key role in Homer's Iliad and other works in that same epic cycle."

So what you have is a black KING in Greece according to your white professors and y'all trying to tell me I'm some black radical conspiracy theorist for stating facts.  Or are the white professors world wide part of this global conspiracy now at the highest institutions?  Whites slavics and Germanic immigrants who are the majority of Greece today are invaders to Greece who caused it to collapse period.  Even the Macedonians mock them for this.


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