Julio Gomez Charged With Sexual Assault?

 I see Jules' tweet was liked by Jane Wilde, Emily Willis & Paige Owens. And that Julio twitter that Blacked ran is gone.


EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (WABC) --
A man is under arrest after a woman was followed into an elevator and sexually assaulted her in Manhattan apartment building.

Police said 36-year-old Melvin Collins, of Brooklyn, faces sexual abuse and assault charges after the attack happened in an elevator Monday around 8:10 a.m. at a building in Stuyvesant Town near East 20th and Avenue C.
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Is it bad that my first thought was thank god he wont be ruining porn scenes anymore lol
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I guess I'll go ahead and say it. Whole lotta dick to be shoving in someone against their will.....
Well thats one way to fail out of porn. Hope he gets what he deserves of he did it.
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For all the stuff girls put guys on their 'No List' for, it's kind of puzzling why they just don't refuse to work with guys who have a criminal record that goes beyond a non-violent drug offense. I think Gomez had a a prior record and was recently restricted to NY due to probation.
He's a pornstar.Why is he out there raping? And didn't invest in a mask.Crazy and stupid.
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Yea this makes no sense. Dude is getting paid to fuck women and is often used in 1st IR scenes for the a popular site. Why would he resort to this? I remember seeing several porn stars say he was rude like Jaye Summers and a couple others that said he was too rough.
Jane Wilde said this maybe others will revisit their stories about him.
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This guy was a drama queen, I remember I think Alexa Grace called him out, btw he did some gay porn under a different. Glad that Blacked got rid of him because some of the members hated him. The dude could have been the next Mandingo but was too much of a diva, don't expect to come back to porn anytime soon even if he gets out of jail. Performers, and companies will put him on there no list
Was there any positive feedback from any of his scene partners?  Seemed more like a situation where it became a "Wanna shoot for BLACKEDRAW in NY?  It's w/ Julio".


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