Julio Gomez Charged With Sexual Assault?
How could he not get convicted? Normally you got a good chance of staying out of prison if it comes down to he said she said and your record is clean. But they got him on video sneaking into a place he don't belong, right before she got beat and choked, plus his record is far from clean. He's going away for at least 3 years.

That dude is messed up in the head. He wants to be in prison. He's chosen to go back. Nobody else putting him there. He's a down-low homo too. I can look past the homo activities like I could for Jason Brown. Long as I don't have to see it, I don't care. I'm not the one coming in contact with him. Out of sight out of mind. But with Julio I just point it out cuz dude would obviously rather be in prison. Maybe he was molested as a youth. He's probably borderline suicidal. Look at how nasty he was on Twitter. He wanted people to hate him. Maybe his mom abused him who knows. Maybe that's all he knew.

In any case, even if he could somehow skate, I would be very wary of this cat. He's liable to have a psychotic breakdown and kill some people.

How messed up you gotta be to want to be in the pen at all, let alone rather be in the pen than out gettin paid to fuck bad bitches like Abigail Mac.
I see Jules deleted the tweet. Probably didn't want to jeopardize future plans of possibly contracting him down the line like Dredd after he took a 'vacation.'
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