RG3 was mismanaged by the coaches and owner. He is a military guy, stayed in the game (because that's what athletes do right or wrong) when the coach knew he shroud have come out. Got injured and then when he woke up surgery was looking at Allen and Snyder while the Shanahans were on a fishing trip. After that I don't think he every trusted the coaches again. Well that didn't work out for him because he needed coaching to read a defense. I hope he gets a chance to start somewhere next year and can salvage a decent career. Until Baltimore picked him up, I was wondering when the 30 for 30 was coming out!. Had to be ridiculous dysfunction in that locker room.

I just don't think you can trust Jameis at this point to get it done. Coming out of college, I thought he had the goods. I was wrong.
Let me ad Kyle Shanahan and Nick Mullens to this list.

6 Super Bowls and Hall of Fame jackets for both.
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