Gotta Choose One: G4 Edition
If we're talking today - Candace
If we're talking about in her prime - Olivia. Nowadays she fucked herself up with surgery though.
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Damn, I didn't know that about Olivia.

If we're talking aboutivia Munn in her Attack of the Show/G4 prime, then I would definitely smash. Not today's Olivia Munn, though.

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Well in my limited defense, I was going strictly on her looks...never heard of that until now. Wow.
(10-16-2018, 07:50 PM)kt466 Wrote: Well in my limited defense, I was going strictly on her looks...never heard of that until now.  Wow.

You're all good. I'm just dishing my beef with her. Feel free to lust away.

I never liked her. I never was into Asian/Eurasian chicks. I get that it's all the rage, but I spend my youth in close proximity to that community. Vietnamese/Chinese in north Cali, and Koreans in south Cali. They don't like us. They worship whites to a sickening degree. Most of them do not look like Lucy Liu, they look like Margaret Cho. Ass and hips are rare. Tits also rare.

So I can't see what everyone sees in Olivia. But I had no opinion of her until I read this. Then I was like, "why"? There's something wrong in our culture and it's on the left and right. This need to feel superior to others. It's corrosive and pervasive. We joke on this board about cuck faggots and Trump idiots, but most of us have sense enough  to know we're not better than everyone else. I know I certainly do.

Social media has been weaponized into a tool for shaming and disfranchising people. I can't stand Milo. I really can't. But what happened to him was bullshit, and all he did was speak a truth that EVERYONE already knows: Some teenagers like sex. And they ran his ass out of town. And we have to be realistic: if they can do it to a right wing white man, you know good and goddam well one of us has no chance.
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I remembered a lot about G4...

I still found it hilarious that they aired Sara Underwood naked Portland race

or the time Layla told everyone she used some fake boob pads.
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