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(7 hours ago)J Mac Wrote: Well Colin Kaepernick and the NFL had a settlement so it also means he is one step closer to come back to the NFL, so what team will sign him because some will need a QB. The Broncos already have Flacco so maybe the Redskins or the Jaguars because those two need a QB but I also Cris Carter on ESPN said that he could see him with the Patriots as Tom Brady backup but I don't think he would not go to a team that Trump is a fan of and also Tom Brady voted for Trump to. The Redskins don't think so because they play were Donald Trump live. Maybe the Jaguars or he can go back to his old team the 49ers

Larry Johnson called him a sellout...

And I agree. If this was about the issue of civil rights in the NFL and league collusion, you don't sell out for a cash payment.
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