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Yeah, I'm making her an update and pic thread.  She started out on Snapchat and has been shooting professionally for about a year now and has some great quality scenes out. Obviously not everyone's cup of tea because "Oh Noooees, she has tattoos" But they sure as hell don't stop her from fucking her little heart out lol.

[Image: 45542366472_3e92dc31ca_c.jpg]

Booty Movie 7
[Image: 31719800848_fccfcde418_o.gif]
[Image: 45596458351_806ecf3c23.jpg][Image: 45539106732_4ba378b046.jpg]

Cuckold Sessions
[Image: 44867162204_9023711173_o.gif][Image: 45542366432_784787c19c_z.jpg]
[Image: 45542366422_784787c19c_z.jpg]

Spizoo w/ Valentina Nappi
[Image: 44867263844_255d3341ca_o.gif]
[Image: 30660193887_9241a8ff07.jpg][Image: 45601260671_6ffb5287a1.jpg]

[Image: 33988635178_c620a89afd_o.gif]
[Image: 31717370848_582938a13f_b.jpg]

BBC Obsession(Spizoo/Manyvids)
[Image: 44678636095_118c729440_o.gif]
[Image: 45539106692_8675695374_z.jpg]
[Image: 31717370898_18f07b0657_z.jpg]

Manyvids w/Rob Piper
[Image: 31719800238_bcba0a7056_o.gif]
[Image: 44867162614_6b86a55c2d_o.gif][Image: 31719801538_1d94386df6_o.gif]
[Image: 44867162954_6d2dd10bb1_o.gif]

Brazzers House 3
[Image: 45597688421_212c331161_o.gif][Image: 44872827604_e53808950d_o.gif]

[Image: 33988635178_c620a89afd_o.gif]
[Image: 45602596821_087b3c64ef_z.jpg]

BBC Obsession pt. 2
[Image: 44678117665_1c81fe9d69_o.gif]
[Image: 31717370768_860880f489_b.jpg]
[Image: 31717370938_999cb0ea6f_z.jpg]

Manyvids w/ Isiah Maxwell
[Image: 31719803668_ef8d45e740_o.gif]
[Image: 45542366452_0d1857fa99_z.jpg]

[Image: 31719803238_46d4aa58a3_o.gif]
[Image: 45542366322_05b8ee32ac_z.jpg]
[Image: 33988635178_c620a89afd_o.gif]
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Shit she's my cup of tea, coffee, my drank, all that shit. I haven't seen her many vids scenes. Gotta find those.
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Her scenes with Rob Piper are some of the hottest shit I have seen this year.
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(10-28-2018, 12:30 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: Iramaj has found his muse...

Lol what can I say. On this day, the thirst kicked in.

[Image: 39005076135_2987e4f0bd_z.jpg]
[Image: 39005068995_f2bcd02d96_z.jpg]
[Image: 33988635178_c620a89afd_o.gif]
This girl remind me of Julze Venture, big boob tattoos girl, this girl is hot
[Image: julesjordan02-750x410_m.jpg]

Interracial Porn is Black Men/White Woman, real porn
Damn I been sleep on this one, I had no idea she did that many IR scenes. I'm gonna have to do some catching up.
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Probably just me but everytime I see her I get a Sarah Hyland vibe.
The Force is very strong in this one! i am very excited to see how she develops!

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