Are black men into IR porn or not?
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(10-29-2018, 03:27 PM)wd40isabadmf Wrote: Black on black porn is dead like a motherfucker, by default black men are into IR porn way more than otherwise. The supply leaves us with barely a choice.

There isn't a big demand for it and the product is watered down, companies aren't putting up the money toward it, and that is why it won't sell. Now IR does outsell black on black porn even it outsell the WM/BF IR. I think the industry feel that black woman isn't attractive, if Zoe Saldana, Hallie Berry, and other famous black woman did porn then they will be treated just like every black girl in porn. Now what if Misty Stone, Ana Foxx did mainstream movies and TV shows, they would be the popular, and big star then they would do in porn.

Hate to say it but a black woman is better off been doctors, lawyers and even politicians then pornstar or strippers

I don't have any data to back this up, but I don't believe black guys watch as much porn as white guys.  From the 80s to now, my white friends have always watched more porn than my black friends.  Part of it could the same stigma toward porn that stops the prettier black women from becoming pornstars.  If black people watch less porn, then ebony porn will naturally bring in less revenue.  When internet downloads and streaming became popular, revenue dropped for all categories, causing producers to cut filming of categories that brought in the least revenue.  Ebony porn is a casualty of the internet.

Somewhat agree. I'm black, first went to schools with mostly black, then latino, then predominantly white private schools. In my experience, the white kids watched more, but i think it used to be an access thing. They also bother with remembering names and stuff more. Minorities feel more compelled to do the actual thing (probably basic human instincts and its really a poverty thing). Myself, I gotta catchem all! You can give me alien and monster pussy too lol. But catching them all means I wanna see some black on black regardless. It doesnt help that we're comparing a dwindling industry to a more mainstream one that isnt restricted to just 12.5% of the US population, but the other 87.5%
As a black man, I'm into imagining myself banging Angel Dark/ Marquetta Jewell/ Lucy Thai/ Avy Scott/ Babalu/ Gianna Michaels/ Angela White etc. which is why I pretty much exclusively watch IR.

I'm mostly big [natural] boob aficionado so I'm into stacked/ gorgeous chicks of any race and background, so in the beginning that kind of porn was so niche and hard to find that anything in that genre would do. 

However, as the internet improved and I got more exposure to IR it became my go-to genre, especially once I started dating and realized that more white and latin girls were feeling me and there was a wider dating pool there.

The other problem, especially now, is that black on black porn with quality black girls is extremely rare overall, and a lot of the finest ebony girls were in the bygone era of the 80s/90s/early-mid 00s. Black bombshells like London Reigns, Audree Jaymes, Mya Lovely, Carmen Hayes, Tyra Moore, Candace Von are either fully retired or M.I.A. I hate to say it but at least 95% of the girls in current black on black porn are bottom barrell, and that includes their often obese cartoonishly tattooed bodies and fake asses. 

 Even worse, the few fine ones end up becoming ironically "dodgers" and film only with white dudes (e.g., Anya Ivy).

So as a black man that leaves pretty much mainstream IR with its huge pool of female talent.
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I'm a black guy who's into both ebony porn and IR porn. When I was a hella lot younger, I watched black porn because that's the easiest access I have.

But like most of you, when I start dating non black women and discovered IR porn, I become of bigger fan of non black women.

However, in recent years, I started craving for a little chocolate, so every now and then, I look up for some ebony porn and since there are very little recent flicks, I have to settle with the old stuff and ebony scenes I have never seen before. That's pretty much what you gotta do if you want to see ebony flicks these days.

I'm currently dating a black girl so when it comes to my personal life these days, I never discriminate as far as race goes. If she's a cool, sexy chick, it's all good with me.

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(10-29-2018, 08:00 AM)RasterRal Wrote: I wonder if the majority of black men are  into IR porn and white girls in general or are they more into black-on-black porn and black girls? I suspect the latter, but let’s see.

I doubt the majority are, but the majority on this site are.
Most ir is watched by white men who get off on some fantasy racismo of black men defiling white women.
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Vaginas are for making babies and love. Buttholes are for making sex...
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Hmm, I don’t think that video is telling the entire truth. A lot of black men like IR porn and also a lot of white women (a lot of BLACKED and BLACKEDRAW subscribers are female). Also, what about black women like white men.
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So this is what you do in your cubicle when you're supposed to be working.

I'm calling your boss...
White Girl Connoisseur

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All women are colorstruck, if you have alot of green (be it money, marijuana, land) they want to fuck you more.
Don't believe me, show me all the rich white blonde women lining up to marry a homeless black man.
(11-01-2018, 06:53 AM)RasterRal Wrote: Hmm, I don’t think that video is telling the entire truth. A lot of black men like IR porn and also a lot of white women (a lot of BLACKED and BLACKEDRAW subscribers are female). Also, what about black women like white men.

No one really knows.
Black women marry out their race the least of any racial/ethnic group in America, but the factors are different in different parts of the world. For ease of discussion, we must limit the discussion to America.
On the one hand, it appears to me, black women are largely not attracted to white men. I mean they'll fuck a really sexy or handsome white man like a movie star if he is tall and handsome and all that.  However, you won't normally see a black woman attracted to an average looking white guy in the way that Asian women clearly are.

On the other hand, the argument could be made, perhaps black women like white men, but white men are not interested in them, especially not for long term relations and marriage.  In many white families a white man marrying a black woman would probably be an all out declaration of war as most whites are raised to be racist.  Further black women who try to date/marry white men end up getting all kinds of racists and psychological abuse.  My sister is a psychologist, most of the people who come in to her practice are mixed race marriages involving white men fetisizing their partner.  In most white men's mind, black women on average are in the bottom of the looks department in their view.

As it relates to porn, black women who refuse to shoot with white men are basically banned and whiteballed and prevented from performing on those sites, even with black men.

There is also the issue where many black woman want to keep black men "in the pocket".  They really just want a gender war against black men, really want to be with a white man but have trouble to keep the white guy (white man will often have sex with them but not commit) so they want to keep black men in their back pocket in case their white man relationship don't work out.

This is why you saw black woman going wild over megan markle, because many of them would run away from black men for rich white men, if the white men were picking them.  Instead, they are mad that it is easier for black men to date out, because there will always be some girl who wants to fuck a bad boy.  And the more other races bash black men, the more women of other races will want to fuck black men.  It is the same reason why women date men who drive their father's crazy and reject men who the father would likely approve of.  Basically the whole beauty and the beast complex.  White men literally call black people beast, and shoot them dead and kill them (ie Darren Wilson calling Michael Brown a beast).  Unintentionally, white men have made black American men a sex symbol, because everything they attack black men over, just makes them more sexy in the eyes of half the female population.
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