What race are Victoria June and Liv Revamped?
(11-02-2018, 11:30 AM)imperiusrex Wrote:
(11-02-2018, 04:44 AM)marvy Wrote: Why visit a messageboard built on a distinction by race then?

Well do you really care where most of these girls come from? Would it make any difference if a hot chick like Cadence Lux was a light Latina instead of straight up white? Or if she were part black, would you decide "well she's not pure white, instead she's biracial so I won't jerk off to her now..."

Of course not. What you're really responding to is their appearance- their background doesn't really matter other than they're pretty in a certain way. That's why dudes don't cut Jake Steed or Billy Dee any slack on this board. They could be the most militant brothers in the world, but nobody considers them black enough. We're responding to their appearance.

Nobody in the NBA says Stef Curry isn't black enough, but if his doppelgänger popped on blacked.com as one of the male talents, the whole board would explode in anger and disgust i.e. "this is blacked.com, not highyellow.com!"

So if the chick appearance more black than Latin to you for all intents and purposes during your masturbation session, she's gonna be black and vice versa.

As to why visit a message board built on racial distinction...well there's no harm liking a difference in skin color as a fetish but it's pretty aimless to try and figure out where these broads really come from and their exact makeup- because to be honest most people don't really know their racial mix anyway- that's why genetic testing like 23 and me shows most people have no clue where their families actually come from.

Me? Most, no, just these two who are kind of ambiguous looking and are often classified as not black by the people who run the sites as is commonly done with black female talent.
But this is an IR site, and if you post non-ir post in some sections you can get banned according to the banner.  So it actually does matter on THIS site. Because if Liv/victoria is counted as not black and you post her videeo with a white guy in the ir section its a ban.

Generally if you post porn with white dudes in the IR section it won't be well received, regardless. If you post a chick who is ambiguous racially and hot with a black male talent I can practically assure no one will give a shit. See the recent Cassidy Banks uploads as an example of that.

I don't know how current management is handling things but I know the old board didn't give two fucks if a hot mixed or latina chick turned up in the downloads section as long as she was with black male talent...
(11-03-2018, 04:43 AM)marvy Wrote: I never said I cared, but I don't see how it is worthwhile to lecture those who do on a board like this.  The OP just said he was curious, don't think they should be called out for asking. And yeah there are guys here who will cum harder knowing a pornstar is "exotic" rather than just light skinned. Let em have their fun

It's not a lecture as much of a simple point of fact. Plenty of people who says they are mixed, are not. Plenty of porn girls appear in Latina porn when they are not Latina. 

Some people as pointed out in this thread don't like to admit their nationality is 100% one thing or another because they feel less "exotic."

Point is, porn is your fantasy- you should enjoy it and if you want the girl to be exotic well when you watch the scene she's whatever you want her to be.

Look, I love banging white dude's wives- done it dozens of times- some sort of evil reparations game I play, so if I watch a scene and a black dude is banging a white chick and in my head she's married what does it matters if she is or isn't? For the point of my purposes she is and I get off.

Just seems like you're making it harder on yourselves by demanding cinema verite in porn...
Here is a recommendation of a girl like this, Autumn Falls.
New, nice face, big tits and she looks both black and latina.
Vienna Black.
[Image: 7p10mnlqnzhmwpza.gif]
As long as the girl getting hammered is sexy by a big cock is hot, doesn't matter to me what her background is.
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