Can someone please tell me what the hell is an "autumnal mead?"

I keep seeing this commercial during football games. Now, I'm a lifetime teetotaler. I know NOTHING about beer. But I've never even heard of the "autumnal mead" before.

What the hell is that?
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Paha thats pretty hilarious, its just taking the piss out of craft beer culture and how pretentious it can seem, kinda like this clip at 0:22
Shit People drank in the 15th Century.
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That "autumnal mead" bit is pretty funny in the Bud Light commercial.

I actually had mead once in Perth, Australia.  It tasted kinda like wine blended with beer, with the best character of neither.

Mead which is also known as honey wine is an alcolhic drink made from fermented honey and water. That is usually the base you can drink that alone or you can add various fruits and spices to it to give it a different flavor. An autumnal mead would be your base plus traditional autumn fruits and spices. Things like pumpkin cranberries cinnamon ginger and nutmeg. That basically it just think of it like those seasonal drinks that places always offer during different times of year. Your pumpkin spice lattes around October and your gingerbread or candy cane lattes around Christmas.
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@beaujesus mead has actually been around a lot longer than the 15th century. There is a debate as to whether if it or beer was the first alcoholic drink and it is actually a very popular drink today. Primarily is made and consumed in Europe and Canada though many people actually make their own though.

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