IR Girls who recent retired
There have been some IR girls who just retired from porn this year so here who have retired just retired recent

Lana Rhoades, no longer shoot for companies just for your own stuff

Anissa Kate, it was on another porn forum EBI forum that she retired 4 month ago

Dakota Skye, retired for the 3 times due to mental health, hope she doesn't return, it best for her.

Natalia Starr, same with Lana

Kelsi Monroe, is pregnant and no longer is shooting scenes

Quinn Wilde, she deleted her twitter but before then she said she was going to leave porn for good at the end of the year. Damn, she was sexy as hell.

Tara Ashley, damn this was another one who was hot

Giselle Palmer, I think she retired another one gone
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This thread is unnecessary. We've got a ton of info on who's retiring and when.

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