Anyone surprised alt-right is code for: hung like a mouse
Big Grin 
Click-baity, but I'm glad I balanced my mild adeptness with math and occasional curiosity for gossip with walking out at night and being optimistic.  Big Grin I know it doesn't actually work like that though.
I'm not sure about the numbers claimed here, but there's little doubt that white men have a pathological obsession with their penis size. Insecurity runs high with bigots, so it's not surprising that many bigots are likely to be small in that department. But any direct connection would be speculative.

But I can say, having read a lot of there stuff, they hate Lansky and Blacked for "promoting Black sexual superiority".

The comments section is pure gold. You've never seen such whiny ass crybabies in your life.
White Girl Connoisseur

I'm sure they would find better correlation with low IQ than dick size.

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