Maitland Ward taking black dick
Where can you get the rest of the video?
Never watched this chick on regular TV, but I have been paying attention since she started posing nude.
While I don't care enough to go back and look at some of her pg "vanilla" stuff, I can say that I can see that she's been working on herself, whipping herself into BBC shape over the past couple of years. Watched her do the girl girl thing, which was a bit lackluster to me, but this trailer exposes just how thirsty she apparently is for the darker meat.

Has a star been born? Uhm, no. But I can myself becoming a fan. Love the gingers and any chick who gets excited fucking black dick.

Give it a couple of months, the condom will be a thing of the past.
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She's fine, hope to see her doing more vids.

This is one of the more classic clips of her in Boy Meets World.

@spops53190 - She played one of the Wilson sisters in White Chicks 
[Image: wilsonsisters.jpg?w=476&h=358]

If interested in her other vids this site seems to have them all

I think this is going to be a growing trend among former mainstream stars just doing what the pornstars are doing.  They create their own content and bam get guys to fork over cash.  Think about it the guys who grew up watching the show she was on are now grown men lots of whom have disposable income.  Dont be shocked if you see some of the former playboy models who have not found some guy to marry start popping up doing this hell just go over to VIP Connect and you will see the Shannon Twins have profiles there and they already have onlyfans pages.
(11-08-2018, 01:11 AM)roterbo Wrote: Why amateur stuff?
almost passed under the radar

I don't know how true it is, but someone told me she was pulling in ~50K/month on Patreon.

If it's anywhere near true (hell, if she's pulling in a third of that), it beats the shit out of what real porn pays for a helluva lot less work. I have a feeling that when they see the kind of money you can get people to pay if you start with a little fame, there'll be a flood of reality TV chicks trying the same thing.
Took a look at her Patreon. Just over 1500 subscribers with a minimum tier of 15 bucks. So she's making at least 22000 a month. And I'm sure some dudes are going the 750 tier for custom videos and everything in between, so yeah, 50k is not out of the question.
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(11-10-2018, 10:49 AM)btsstuff Wrote: Took a look at her Patreon. Just over 1500 subscribers with a minimum tier of 15 bucks. So she's making at least 22000 a month. And I'm sure some dudes are going the 750 tier for custom videos and everything in between, so yeah, 50k is not out of the question.

I was just gonna say this before I got distracted. If you KNOW you can manage to get a certain number of patrons and you're smart about pricing and content, Patreon can take people a long way. And like you mentioned, a lot of patrons are probably gonna go with somewhat higher tiers to get some of the better content. But that's all assuming you KNOW you can get that many. Probably why YouTubers and Twitch streamers  do so decent enough with it.

Even a 100 patrons a month at $15 would at least pay the bills depending where you're at. you just have to keep them. Then, they probably have a manyvids or onlyfans for individual or non recent shit... Then there's the potential camming as well... But someone told me Patreon has been cracking down on NSFW creators lately.
Patreon does have TOS restrictions on adult content. As I recall, the line is penetration like it used to be for print magazines for quite a while. Maitland Ward's stuff definitely breaks those TOS.

My guess is she knows she'll get shut down sometime relatively soon and just plans to ride the wave until it hits the rocks. My buddy told me she was making 50K a month. This was several months ago. That's already half a mil; a damned nice paycheck for six months of doing a little social media promotion and creating some content that consists of stuff you'd probably doing anyway (her early posts were just her in cosplay outfits (which I understand she's big into), then showing some titty, a little slit and finally actual sex).

She might be able to milk it a couple of more months, but after that it's going down hill fast.

As for getting a following in the first place: Think about how many fans of TV shows there are who drool uncontrollably over even the most minor actress on a minor show. You don't think one of the little cuties from the Vampire Diaries or any show on MTV wouldn't instantly have several hundred subscribers if she started showing some titty to Patreon subscribers? If she's smart like Maitland Ward has been and actually progresses, getting a little more bold every month, it wouldn't be that difficult for any decent looking woman with name recognition to do.

Maitland Ward played a relatively minor character on a sitcom 20 years ago. Imagine how much a hottie from a recent show could make. Obviously, her career as a straight actress would be over but she'd be able to head back to Idaho with a mil or 2 as the kind of nest egg most people require a lifetime to amass (if they ever do).
i thought i heard recently that they were going to do a white chicks sequel. anyone know if she is going to be in it? i doubt it but you never know
(11-07-2018, 04:06 PM)kingdarius Wrote: why even use a porn guy if its gonna be condom? Cant say its cuz she wanted someone that would stay hard cuz she picked limpwell lol. Just seems odd

Because he's a porn guy . . . she basically an amateur and is limiting her STD risk with an uber popular porn star who has worked with Sean Michaels of all people . . . 1988 Sean Michaels lol Wink

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