Maitland Ward taking black dick
(05-19-2019, 08:43 PM)poohbear Wrote: Essentially, the lady's husband is a "cuckhold".  I hate the genre and any husband that would allow their wife to do such things.

It's only a 'cuckhold' porn, if the hubby is present in the video. If he isn't, it isn't cuckhold porn. Suitcase pimps have been around since the dawn of the porn era, otherwise don't expect that to change tomorrow. Were you watching porn for years, and simply wasn't aware of this phenomenon?
^ He's talking about the true definition of a cuckold, which is a husband with an unfaithful wife. Personally, I think being unable to watch a chick with a significant other IRL because it's a cuckold situation, is going way too far in your care of these girls' personal lives similar to caring about their political leanings, thoughts on climate change, abortion and other such irrelevant nonsense.
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Who the fuck cares about somebody's wife getting fuck as long as it isn't "your" wife?
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^ Pretty much. It's the equivalent of caring if it's someone's daughter getting banged out when you should only care if it's your own daughter. Truly bizarre.
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If you hate cuckold porn, you are missing out on a lot of good "amateur" IR stuff. Lady Sonia, early Janet Mason, hotwife amateurs. They are just there to fuck.

That being said, "pro" cuckold stuff is contrived and awful.
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Just watched that video of her and I cant wait for her to do something with any IR Company. Blacked and Blacked Raw,Dark X ,Brotha Lovers,it would be monumental

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