Favorite Movie Themes

I've always thought that Bernard Herrmann's theme from "Psycho" was one of the best. Very stirring and effectively creepy---and the movie was pretty good too!

And the music from Psycho's shower scene was great too. Poor Janet Leigh!

I really liked that crazy music that they played throughout the fight scenes in "The Wrecking Crew"...

The Wonder Woman theme is pretty badass....

When it comes to old-school movie composers, few could compare to Max Steiner. He, like Erich Wolfgang Korngold did amazing work on Errol Flynn's swashbucklers, but the Gone With The Wind theme is one of his best. Still powerful today...
[Image: 8lUyNaHd_o.gif]
Congrats to Mariano Rivera on becoming the first unanimous MLB Hall Of Fame inductee in baseball history! A well-deserved honor and it couldn't have happened to a classier ballplayer. Congrats Mo---the greatest closer of all-time!!!
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A performance of Gabriel's Oboe from The Mission:

Basically, Morricone is the best. So much emotion in his work.
The all time great theme has to be
Not the theme of the movie, but Superman's Krypton intro score never gets old:

Inception - Hans Zimmer "Time"

The Good The Bad & The Ugly - Ennio Morricone: "The Good The Bad & The Ugly"

Purple Rain - Prince: "Purple Rain"
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