Why is (white) America so much more sympathetic
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(11-15-2018, 06:20 AM)vesuvius Wrote:
(11-15-2018, 04:09 AM)Ipay4 Wrote:
(11-14-2018, 09:23 PM)vesuvius Wrote: Because the American black community is a self-destructive mess. The crabs in the barrel mentality is just one part of it.

Lets say I just accept this blindly.  How does it explain the lack of empathy for African Americans?  Are they THAT much more self destructive than Islamic State in Syria and Iraq? Are they more destructive than native american communities which have higher rates of self destructive behaviours generally?  More self destructive than central Americans who have the highest rate of murder on planet earth?
How specifically is african american a mess or so much more and worse of a mess than all the other groups?

Which crabs, what barrel?

You already shoot yourself in the foot by bringing up communities outside of the US. Naturally white Americans aren't gonna give them as much attention as they're pretty far away.

By crabs in the barrel I mean the tendency of community to resent or tear down people who don't fit their mold of what a person should be and/or tear somebody down for being succesful. If a black guy in (especially the American) black community speaks, dresses or acts a certain way, often times he is not considered black. For instance, by your standards I would be a liberal, but I find it ridiculous how a black Republican is automatically thought to be a race traitor without first asking why that guy is Republican. Listen to other kinds of music? Not black. Work in a certain field? Not black.

White America probably looks at those things wondering "what's the big fucking deal, why do you care so much if somebody else thinks a little different from the norm?". They don't really care what happens to the white community, they mostly just care about their own lives.

Now it's true that they barely acknowledge what they did to the black community and that is quite cowardly, but the black community is not doing itself any favours here. It's true that white America has to take blame for certain things, but the black community does pretty much nothing to save itself.
I don't see how I shoot myself in the foot by bringing up communities outside the US when it is the entire discussion.  White Americans are giving Syrians refugee status based off of ISIS.

So white people lack sympathy for black Americans because some black Americans view Republican blacks as traitors?
 Please do explain this to me.  And can you now explain to me why there wasn't sympathy for blacks when most blacks were republicans?

So what are all these other communities doing to save themselves that black Americans are not?
This isn't what I was saying, at all. You're not looking at the full picture of what im telling you and it's really tiring.


"And can you now explain to me why there wasn't sympathy for blacks when most blacks were republicans?"

Has nothing to do with my underlying point. Spop understood where I come from, you clearly don't and it's not going anywhere.
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Because us Blacks resemble them less than those other ethnicities, darker skin pigment on average, etc. It's mainly just a color thing. Black is furthest from White.
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i agree in general...but Native Americans are worse off than black people. thats a fact.

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