Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th
(12-08-2018, 04:44 PM)wildman99 Wrote: well.. time to start the countdown for tumblr eventually closing up for good.. 6 months? a year?  then again, maybe they'll be able to stick around. there are other interesting things on there like fan clubs, art, etc.  the majority of stuff i followed was porn-related. i'm going to miss all the amateur porn stuff! dammit! stupid pedophiles ruin everything!

Won't that make it even harder to track them down, though? It's the same logic as SESTA/FOSTA used to shut down Backpage, Craigslist hook-ups, etc. It actually has the opposite effect that they are supposedly after (well, tumblr is just lazy). I feel like this will be a continuing trend. My fear is that the noose will get tighter and tighter slow enough not to notice until it's too late...
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Welp onwards to Blogspot then
The words of truth are always paradoxical.

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Already said this in the other thread but 90% of tumblr is porn. This site is just gonna die. Somebody is just gonna make a tumblr lookalike and everyone will go there. They basically killed that site with that move. I was already pissed because recently tumblr shut down raw images for no fucking reason. Well now it doesn't really matter.
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Found out about this from one the blogs I've been following for the past couple of years -- http://femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial.tumblr.com. Not sure if the author was authentic or not, but it kept me entertained.

On to the solutions --

here is a business insider article on the matter:


Seems Pillowfort is one of the ones getting a heavy push. Verge says it's not quite ready for the onslaught:


Here's another article that keeps adding updates and new suggestions as they are discovered:


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