South Florida state senators interracial extramarital affair
(12-18-2018, 01:15 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote: [Image: Gun-Control-advocate.jpg]

I know if I have a beautiful wife and if I have the option to smash this hot latina, you damn well believed I'm gonna take it especially if the "perfect 10" wife isn't freaky enough.

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(12-18-2018, 06:01 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(12-18-2018, 04:06 PM)kcjones Wrote: His wife isn't ugly.  In fact I think she's got one up on the side piece.  But as the saying goes, the only thing better than good pussy, is new pussy.  

[Image: oscar+braynon.jpg]

It's not just hotness. A lot of beautiful women don't like sex. For all we know she's a churchy, preachy shrew who don't suck dick. Along comes his Latin spice with the phat ass talkin' about how her white man don't appreciate it. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am, they're in it up to their elbows.

Big Grin

Well said.

Also keep in mind that no matter how hot a woman may be; she's driving her man up the wall.

Catch and Release is the way to go.
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(12-18-2018, 10:16 PM)RickTheDick Wrote: Catch and Release is the way to go.

Was married 6 years. It was the longest 10 years of my life. We are in total agreement here.
White Girl Connoisseur

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