Too Pretty For Porn?
Sandy Style not Saint lol. Damn she was a GODDESS among girls in the early 2000's and even today makes so many performers pale by comparison
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There's a certain amount of subjectivity that goes into this. I don't even think the question is valid in our time because, as someone else pointed out, this industry has attracted so many women now from various backgrounds, and we're living in a hypersexual era. Personally, I take the question to mean: "which girl doesn't look like your typical slut?" And everyone has their own idea of what a slut looks like. For me some examples are Elena Koshka, Marry Lynn, Trillium (when she first broke in), and there are definitely others that I can't recall.
Ariana Marie 

[Image: Ariana-Marie-Cover-pic.jpg]

Nina North

[Image: 3F8.jpg]
Jia Lissa  Heart

Twitter: @Jia_Lissa
Instagram: @jialissaonly

[Image: Dpf-bqWWwAA_M0m.jpg]

[Image: DkpxHelX0AE_bOU.jpg]

[Image: DvB_4Z5XcAER-EQ.jpg]
[Image: aHR0cDovL2NkbnRodW1iNC5zcGFua2JhbmcuY29t...gtdDguanBn]

Sadie Blair
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lana before the plastic surgery
[Image: GF9tELh.gif]
(12-28-2018, 07:05 PM)Faeginn Wrote: [Image: aHR0cDovL2NkbnRodW1iNC5zcGFua2JhbmcuY29t...gtdDguanBn]

Sadie Blair
Sadie was straight up hott
[Image: AJ.jpg]

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I've always thought Asian chick Mia Rider was much too pretty for porn. Melissa Moore was another one that seemed out of place.
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Ashley Lane
Alina Li

[Image: 5fc4e718407acb7e133c5d4e35774bd5.jpg]

Mika Kim

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