R Kelly under criminal investigation after his Lifetime documentary series
(02-26-2019, 08:42 AM)alfan Wrote:
(02-25-2019, 09:51 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(02-25-2019, 09:14 PM)alfan Wrote: Yo, this dude is sick! He is a pedophile plain and simple and he has been getting away with it for ages. What if this guy would have met your sister when she was young and got her into the Call Me Daddy Game. We all would want to rip this guy a new one.

Speak for yourself. If my sister was a hoe ass groupie, fucking celebs for attention, I'd put the blame where it belongs: right on her.

That's harsh, a young girl is prayed upon by a famous adult and you blame her for being stupid? The blame is on the predator taking advantage of her youth and innocence. That is pointing the finger the wrong way!

Kelly is sick, just like Cosby sick....both were doing dirty. I have my issues with women being stupid, as most are, but youth being enticed...is not something that is right, but we all did silly things when we were young, at least. Kelly is sick, plain and simp.
Let me be clear, I'm not defending sexual predators, but we as a society need to be consistent about how responsible we are going to decide young people are for their actions. There are literally thousands of minors that are sitting in adult jails because we (society) decided to judge them as adults for their stupid mistakes. 

Even though it's clear that R. Kelly's sexual desires are deviant as fuck, he isn't actually a Pedo, because none of his accusers were actual children. There is a different technical term for people attracted to teenagers. 

Regardless of that, if he committed crimes he needs to go down.
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We all knew R. Kelly was guilty 10 years ago, but he still had popularity and could make money for the music companies. Metoo and these other bullshit movements have mostly overlooked black women. This is their time to claim a scalp and who better than to go after than the old, broke, perved out R&B singer. R.Kelly is a weirdo but the parents were loaning their teenage daughters to this man. Hell I remember in high school girls talking about getting backstage with R Kelly. He's been operating in plain sight for 25 years. Now you want to speak up and get on tv with a bad weave and a poor makeup job.

They will get him this time because he doesn't have the money and popularity to fight this off. When he got off in 08 he should have hopped on a plane and never looked back.
This was the interview the other day, Dude is like crying his ass off knowing he going to jail
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