Coming to America sequel confirm
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Quote:Over 30 years after Eddie Murphy starred as Prince Akeem in Coming to America, the actor will reprise the role in a sequel penned by Black-ish creator Kenya Barris.

Plans for a sequel to the classic 1988 comedy were first announced in 2017 with director Jonathan Levine and Coming to America‘s original screenwriters on board..

However, Entertainment Weekly reported Friday that Hustle and Flow director Craig Brewer, who helmed the upcoming Murphy-starring Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite Is My Name, would guide Paramount’s Coming to America sequel, with Barris rewriting the script.

“After many years of anticipation, I’m thrilled that Coming to America 2 is officially moving forward,” Murphy said in a statement. “We’ve assembled a great team that will be led by Craig Brewer, who just did an amazing job on Dolemite [Is My Name], and I’m looking forward to bringing all these classic and beloved characters back to the big screen.”

According to EW, the sequel will revolve around Murphy’s Prince Akeem returning to America to seek out his long-lost son, the heir to the throne of the African nation Zamunda.

“Craig’s ability to create a distinct cinematic world with each of his films is not only impressive, but also what made him exactly the voice and vision we needed to bring this story to life,” Barris added in a statement. “From Hustle and Flow to his work with Eddie on Dolemite Is My Name, he never fails to blow me away. He is a true auteur and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board.”

In 2011, after plans for a Beverly Hills Cop 4 fell through, Murphy admitted to Rolling Stone that he was reticent about starring in more sequels to his beloved comedies. “I’m some kind of sequel champion, I did more sequels than anybody,” he said. “I did my share of sequels for now, anyways.'”
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So what happened after a few years of being a Royal Lisa was all like 
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I am sick and tired of all the royal penis cleaning Akeem
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to which he reacts
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She moves back to queens shortly thereafter discovers she is pregnant changes her identity to avoid the Zumundan secret police who would have been sent by King Jaffe to retrieve the royal heir. 

Or did Akeem do some Royal Oat sowing while he was chasing Lisa?

Whats next Harlem Nights 2?
About 20 years too late unfortunately.
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Eh I'll watch it. I bet its still better than a lot of films in the same genre nowadays.
yeah i watch it.
after 30 years i'll pass
Depends on whose involved. Other than the actress who played the queen, everyone else is still living. I find the first movie to be the most quotable movie amongst black people. I'm in, until I see something I don't like.
(01-12-2019, 03:38 PM)blkknight1 Wrote: Whats next Harlem Nights 2?

Most half of the actors or actress who was in that movie are dead (Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Della Reese, Robin Harris, Charlie Murphy) and it was one of the worst Eddie Murphy flicks ever but to me it was funny
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Interracial Porn is Black Men/White Woman, real porn
With all of the "Toxic Masculinity" BS, could they even make a sequel to Boomerang?

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