Anyone else exclusive to only watching interracial porn?
Just like the title states. anyone here even bother watching anything other than interracial?
I watch black on black and brazilian
I've been watching girl/girl porn as long as I watching interracial porn especially if it's black girl and white girl.

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I do a lot of solo pic sets, a bit of lesbian, lots of vanilla (cuz I'm more into the chick anyway) and actually a minority of IR porn.

The only thing I really don't do is known dodgers. If I know a chick has issues, it's a wood killer.

Also, tatted chicks. Yuck.
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I only watch IR (black men and white woman), can't watch white porn because of it mostly dodgers, I do watch solo stuff from Score, DDF, and some solo foot fetish. Not into G/G scenes and there are white girls who don't do black men but will do black girls which is a big turnoff.
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Interracial Porn is Black Men/White Woman, real porn
I watch just as much lesbian porn as I do interracial porn. Some days more,some days the same amount.
(01-12-2019, 05:15 PM)Shotgun Style Wrote: The only thing I really don't do is known dodgers. If I know a chick has issues, it's a wood killer.
Real world racial shit is a wood killer. I mostly watch IR, a little black on black, some white on white, but thats usually when I'm feeling weird enough to watch euro shit.
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(01-12-2019, 07:17 PM)J Mac Wrote: and some solo foot fetish.

Why am I not surprised that you would be involved in some weirdness....
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I watch all kinds of porn I cant just watch IR, one of the primary reasons why is that most IR is gonzo and I know I am in the minority here but I like a little story/buildup in my porn and honestly you cant really know if you want to see a girl do IR if you don't see her in action. Plus some of these new girls might not be around long enough to do IR so watch them while you can. Girlsdoporn is one of my favorite sites and most of those girls are one and done. Also watch lots of GG as long as it is true GG stuff, not that BS they touch eachother for 2 seconds and then break out the toys, hate that shit. I have tried to watch JAV stuff but the censoring just kills it.
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Black on White and Black on Asian. That's it for me!

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