Anyone else exclusive to only watching interracial porn?
I'll watch any porn once the dude is black. I'd say I enjoy black on black as much as I do IR.
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Interracial porn only......forever
Like other people said, for me it's close to 90%, that remaining 10% is anything goes basically
I have been exclusive to interracial porn (black man/white girl) for a long while now.  While I'll mix in solo stripping or masturbation pics (and videos) of hot, college age white women, I ONLY like to see black guys with these kind of girls when in comes to action scenes. I have absolutely zero interest in seeing white guys with the girls I consider to be the very hottest (my dream girls). That's true in porn and in real life. But at the same time, I want to be clear that I have zero interest in cuck porn.  That's never been my thing. While I like my dream girls being a little submissive with black guys, misogyny's not my thing either.  I just like the femininity of the beautiful, perfect white girl paired up sexually with the overt masculinity of the black male. Nothing looks so perfect together as that. 

Problem is, I'm finding that most all the IR porn (and even the girls I like) are from years past. I'm pretty disappointed in the state of IR porn these days.  "Blacked" started out so good with girls like Alli Rae, Scarlet Red, Dakota James and Taylor Whyte (amongst others), but I haven't really been interested in a scene in a while. I'd rather go back and watch these early blacked scenes, or go with some all time favorites like Madison Monroe, MaryAnne, April Flowers or going back further, Roxanne Blaze. I'm just not into that thick body type, the big butt and the mess of tattoos that seems to be all you find these days. Additionally, I'd rather fantasize about some of my old favorite solo girls (Ashley Brookes, AmyAmyAmy, PrivateSchoolJewel or Playboy Playmate Wendy Kaye) with black men. Pictures of hot college cheerleaders get me thinking that way right away. I also love to fantasize about certain celebrities (Emily Rose being my all time favorite) with black men.

So when it comes to my dream girls, it's ALL interracial!

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