Do you care about nice hands and feet?
(01-13-2019, 08:07 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(01-13-2019, 07:53 PM)blacksquatchman Wrote: As far as pubic hair goes, here's my take on the situation.

If I'm watching a flick, as long as it's not too shaggy and hair all over the place, I'm good but in real life, I settled from bald pussy to a landing strip. I don't eat pussy unless I'm really into the chick I'm fucking and/or she gave me a damn good blow job.

I also really don't care about hands and feet as long as her hands are washed and clean. I'm not a foot fetish guy and I never pay attention to the feet. If a chick wants me to suck her toes and shit, I don't do it unless I'm REALLY into her and her feet is 100% clean.

You know, it's funny. I'll eat pussy all day long, and love it. But I ain't sucking no toes. Feet are gross.

And ass. I don't eat ass. White dudes apparently love to like women's assholes and it's become a thing. I can't do it. Buttholes in general disgust me. Anal is vastly overrated.

Yep! Eating assholes is defintely a white boy thing. I don't mind watching anal in porn but I'm sure as hell not going to fuck a chick's ass in real life.

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Eddie had the right idea cant mess with a woman with jacked up feet, I know it is kinda petty but if she is skimping on taking care of her feet cause she thinks no guy will notice it makes you wonder what else she is skipping on or hoping a guy will not notice because she looks good everywhere else that he can see.  As for dirty soles it depends If we are out by the pool or on the beach I know lots of women that walk around barefoot and yeah feet get dirty its understandable but if we are going out and we go back to her place and she still has dirty soles its obvious she did not shower and that is not right.

When it comes to hands your a girl gotta keep them nails clean they dont need to be totalled manicured all the time but they should be nice and neat and clean.

Pussy - I like it nice and neat, I love to eat pussy as well, but the girl has to have it nice and neat down there it does not need to to bald but eating a smooth bald pussy is alot more enjoyable. I had an unfortunate incident where the girl was a bit more hairy than I like mind you she kept everything right anyone I am doing what I do and she is into it and so was I next thing I know though I start choking because I have hairs in my throat.

In porn though visually dont really notice the hands on the girls, the feet are more noticable just becaue of the positions shot but for the most part girls feet are usually clean or they are wearing socks or shoes now in a lot of scenes, so it does not matter.  The thing though is with 4k video things like bruises and razor burn are becoming a turnoff.
(01-13-2019, 06:47 PM)Shotgun Styles Wrote:
(01-13-2019, 06:28 PM)Spops53190 Wrote: I actually DO eat the hairy skin with the kiwi, like I would with an apple or pear. Fiber-y!

Well then you're just a nasty ass pervert and you need to be on a neighborhood watch list or something.  Sick

Typical reaction.  Dodgy I've never met a fellow kiwi skin eating comrade.  The kiwi is sweet and sour enough to mitigate the bitterness of the thin layer of fuzz enveloping all the verdant glory within.  If a koala can do it, so can I!

I have a foot fetish and like foot stuff, yet whenever I'm actually around a girl with her feet out, I can't help but think about all the seat and dirt accumulated throughout the day. I guess I'm just a foot sex voyeur/cuck.  I can live with that though.
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In porn? Lol no. Who is looking at feet? Matter of fact? Who is filming feet. Prince can have all the feet, I'm good.

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Feet and hands? really never noticed.
I don't have a fetish but do notice the hell out of fingernails - probably the opposite of what most people who notice nails feel, though. I like nails to be as natural as possible. Fake nails 2" long and filed to points with little plastic rhinestones glued to them... that's a total turn off for me. I like them trimmed enough to look like the woman can lead a normal life without breaking one every couple of hours.

For feet, I don't care either way as long as they aren't really jacked up from years of being crammed into fuck me pumps. Oh yeah, and as long as the nails aren't those long foot-claws. Not only is that hideous, it seems like an incredible inconvenience for them.

The charcoal sole thing in porn - I've always just felt that the director in charge of set should make a rule that everyone wears slippers or flip flops or some shit when they walk around... that would squelch 98% of the dirty sole issue, I think.

Also - I'm another pussy eater, so the balder the better.
I am not into feet and stuff but I will agree with you,
I don't like it watching a girl with dirty feet...
or chewed nails!
Looks disgusting!
I tend to notice when girls have big feet or flat feet, I have flat feet myself but it looks so strange and masculine on a chich haha
As someone who's into feet on always ticked off when porn stars dont take off their shoes during scenes.
Not insisting on "nice" feet, whatever that means, but as someone who has crushed on gymnasts I do like a woman who knows how to point those toes when I'm pushing those legs back behind her head. I also notice hands, but only in terms of her grip...women who spend a little time in the gym can work that thang if you know what I mean. I guess it's all linked to fitness

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