Do you care about nice hands and feet?
(06-04-2019, 11:27 AM)liveevil Wrote: As someone who's into feet on always ticked off when porn  stars dont take off their shoes during scenes.

Some have a shoe fetish, that's why they keep them on during some scenes. Same with stockings, pantyhose, fishnets, etc. "Foot fetish" is too broad a term that encompasses lots of different "mini-fetishes" like socks, high heels, boots, etc in addition to the ones I listed above.
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I am into feet
I wonder where J Mac is at, this seems like his kind of thread.
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Never really paid attention to it. My friend said look at Mia Khalifa eyebrows. Now I can not stop looking at them when she dose not trim or waxed. She still hot as fuck but little things.

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