Gotto Choose One: White Girl R&B Singer
Just in case y'all didn't know, Niykee Heaton fucced up her face with the plastic surgeries. This is what she looked like before the plastic surgeries:

Because of her fucced-up plastic face, most dudes online prefer Niykee's Manager/Best Friend Lauren Pisciotta over Niykee:

[Image: 6smbM9C.jpg]

[Image: 34eLqa5.jpg]

[Image: BXZ1zQT.jpg]

[Image: kXrj3zn.jpg]

[Image: lfWyamf.jpg]

[Image: FuqFv59.jpg]

[Image: yUHJXff.jpg]

[Image: 1CFoJoU.jpg]

Unlike Niykee, plastic surgery worked great for Lauren as you can see in those above pics. This is what Lauren looked like before the plastic surgeries (Lauren is on the right in 1st pic & is on the left standing next to Niykee in the 2nd pic):

[Image: tUEejwq.png]

[Image: ITTIPTS.jpg]

Anyways if I have choose between the OP's 2 options, Niykee or Alina Baraz, I'd choose Alina, at least if we're strictly going off of face. I haven't seen enough of Alina's body to confidently say I'd choose her overall over Niykee.
Meh. I don't like plastic, but Niykee look just fine with her work.

The look they all want is the Slavic baby face. You see lots of Russian models with that look. It's fine.

If you put her in front of me, I'd bang without hesitation. If she was scary looking like Nicolette Shea, yeah, I'd run for the hills. But her work is subtle enough to pass for "normal."
White Girl Connoisseur


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