High Flying Bird (2019) - Netflix basketball drama directed by Soderbergh
There's a NBA lockout and an opportunity arises.  André Holland is making moves.  High Flying Bird seems to be rooted in the startup v giant template.  Holland's character appears intent on disrupting the player-management power dynamic.  For me, this angle is much more compelling than the lifestyle/fame angle that shows like Ballers marinates in.  Conceptually, those shows just stall in lazy writing that builds one dimensional, uninspired characters.   

I respect Steven Soderbergh's style and his eclectic directing choices.  This film was apparently shot on an iPhone 7.  Film stars André Holland, Melvin Gregg, Zazie Beetz, Sonja Sohn, Zachary Quinto, Kyle MacLachlan, Bill Duke.  Written by Tarell Alvin McCraney.

Film premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, releases on February 8. 

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Soderbergh is overrated.
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Really like the cast. Is that a Harry Edwards cameo?
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^  Looks like it to me.  

^^I don't have Soderbergh in my pantheon of directors but I can appreciate someone who didn't completely sell his soul and indulge in that vapid, corporate fare.  Enjoyed The Knick with Clive Owen and Holland.
I think he's the opposite. Completely underrated. He is incredibly versatile (Ocean's 11/ The Informant vs Contagion)and has a a gift for making odd choices work like the techno soundtrack to the his early 1900s based hospital series " The Knick"or using Sasha Grey as the star of The Girlfriend Experience. He has released a movie shot on an Iphone to theaters and even circumnavigated the entire Hollywood system for another of his movie's release. You need people like him who are skilled and will just try shit, to move the industry and the artform forward.

Oh and the Knick has a pretty badass IR relationship between Andre Holland and Juliet Rylance....
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The Knick was great TV.
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