Gotta Choose One: Old School Law & Order Babes
(01-20-2019, 04:13 PM)btsstuff Wrote: Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) really knew how to pick them.

Elisabeth Rohm/Serena Southerlyn
[Image: elisabeth-rohm-001_l.jpg] 

Jill Hennessy/Jordan Cavanaugh
[Image: 1pLhE-iNpcdr08cxi3sHX5M1NyBrPg2Ej0l8qYrUwUg.jpg] 

Angie Harmon/Abbie Carmichael
[Image: 213f2564a427599c7fc367f04f8bcd58_l.jpg] 

Alana de la Garza/ Connie Rubirosa
[Image: 1afe2fec0bd6468d26dade72fef7ce1c--law-an...-women.jpg] 

I'm going with Alana.
Angie hands down

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