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I also put milk in first because I need my cereal to stay crunchy otherwise the cereal gets soggy and soft.

Putting cereal in first means that they don't taste good anymore, so those who put cereal in first are cereal killers.
I avoid the whole dilemma by not having cereal. Problem solved.
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switch to oatmeal, it's much better.
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(01-22-2019, 06:17 PM)NigmanB Wrote: People generally pour in the cereal first. "Pouring the milk first" is considered wrong. People who pour the milk first, shouldn't be trusted.

Facts. The only time I have the milk in first is when I have left over milk and pour a little more cereal. I usually pour half the amount of cereal. Just enough to eat without any getting soggy.

Edit...When I ate cereal. I don't anymore.
OK, why do people put the toilet roll such that the paper hangs close to the wall?

That's just asking for trouble.
"For the same reason, some dudes don't lift the lip before they piss......laziness.
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