Smash or Pass: Halsey
That's an easy yes
Real talk do y'all ever get annoyed or roll your eyes at some of these biracial female celebs like Halsey, Zoë Kravitz, & Sofia Richie (You can even throw Paris Jackson in this conversation, despite the fact nobody believes she's Michael Jackson's biological kid) who always wanna constantly remind everybody they're still half-black, but all you ever see them do is date & hang out with white dudes?

Most biracial folks who are down, we already know they are just by the folks who they hang out/associate with. They don't need to make an announcement to the media/public about how they're woke & identify with their blackness now.

I'm in total agreement with you, can't stand this bi-racial, mixed light skinned chicks that claim this and that, but only date white dudes.
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easy answer,
Smash it

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