High school teacher exposed by students as a BBC slut (not a joke)
(02-03-2019, 05:24 PM)Instead of all of this legal and sociological bs can we get back on track? The erome , spankbang and usual places links no longer works. Any hints where to find videis of this gem? And for the record, she shot her cuckold scenes with middle aged guys, not youngsters.  kcjones Wrote:
(02-01-2019, 03:52 PM)imperiusrex Wrote:
(02-01-2019, 03:20 PM)Spops53190 Wrote:
(02-01-2019, 01:54 PM)imperiusrex Wrote: Well here's when I post something I'm sure will be unpopular here, but if she signed a morals clause then she should be fired if the school board or parents or whomever have decided to do so.

Many teachers are required to sign a document affirming their adherence to strict behaviors, essentially a morals clause that says "if you do something WE, your employer, consider immoral, we can fire you."


So once you've done that, you've signed away some of your freedoms, period. Once you've consented to have your behavior scrutinized by everyone who has a child in your care (and let's be honest, people get shitbats crazy when you dare mention their kids) you've let  any one of a hundred, two hundred people decide your fate. 

I work with kids occasionally (I do some stuff helping them learn movement patterns) and the mere mention of sex or sexual behavior is verboten. It's easier to talk about a kid getting shot than being exposed to any normal sexual behavior.

I'll hasten to add it shouldn't be the case but it is and anyone who spends five minutes in any form of child care knows any mention of sex, any talk of sex, any sexual behavior that you exhibit in any format can be considered immoral or disqualify you from the position.

My private high school had something like that for the students, and we had to sign it every year. The vice principal wouldn't stay off my ass senior year because that was the one year I kept "forgetting" to sign it. And yeah, they clearly state they can basically fuck you over if they feel like it, given how vague the contract is. I think public schools will give you a little more protections though.

And as far as sex regarding schools, students in high school usually end up reading books that are at least somewhat sexual, but they also have sex ed. and health classes at some point. The whole point of high school is more to raise children into semi adults, so when I see someone getting in hot water for something that isn't even on school grounds let alone affecting the students, it annoys me.

I don't disagree with you but here's the thing, sex ed is hardly a country wide mandate. I totally agree that the country's bullshit provincal attitude about sex is more trouble than any open sexual discussion would be- we are kindred spirits on that. It's bullshit. But sex ed is not a widespread and completely accepted approach in schools. I f I post properly there should be an interesting bunch of info here about where sex ed is taught, where it's not, etc.

So given that many states don't even want or need accurate information, you can see why it's hardly surprisingly that they still have such a negative attitude about sex even in their educators semi public lives

[Image: fullsizeoutput_49.jpeg]

You have to take graphs like these with a grain of salt.  School systems are created and run by local administrators.  State regulations are just an umbrella, and are not indicative of what is taught in individual school systems/districts.  I had sex education in middle school, in Detroit, MI, during the 80s, and again in the 90s in high school.  Sex education included HIV and contraception.  I highly doubt any major city school system teaches abstinence only, or has no sex education.  

Regarding the topic as a whole, there was a religious college in IL that had a morality clause for students and teachers.  The clause existed for decades, forbidding students and teachers from dancing and drinking. Eventually a lawyer pointed out the fact that the State of IL limits what an employer can demand from an employee off hours, and the school immediately amended its morality clause.  That said, the porn this teacher was in wasn't private, but distributed for money.   The creation and distribution of pornography is highly regulated, and I doubt her and her husband obtained the proper permits to shoot, so she would be a fool to put up a fight.
I remember her on Tumblr.  Good looking woman, don't see the big deal but what do I know?  She's an adult, let her do adult things. Cats always worried about other people, worry about real shit.  Friend of mine used to bartend for swingers parties in my area.  There was never anyone ever famous but local famous.  Never messed with her, she got paid VERY well.  But people caught on and they stopped.  Jealousy. 

Its funny how people make a bit stink over a woman outed as a former porn star or stripper or camgirl, like she's some monster.  When I was maybe 2 or 3 my ma's stripper friend used to babysit me.  No harm, no foul. Of course, this was the late 70's and a much different world. 

But a former spree killer or contract killer is always a-okay in a lotta eyes, especially if they found the Lord. What do I know?
(02-02-2019, 10:35 PM)incognegro Wrote: its so boring in Bakersfield man its like another world, theres alot of black biker gangs out there

The hell you talking about?
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As Cosmo11 posted:
"Scroll 1/3 way down page 1634 and thru page 1643, filejoker links still good 

I swear I've never even heard of that school. It's way out there on the outskirts in the newer part of town. Was created after I graduated, I guess. There's like 50 high schools here, hard to keep track.

"Bakersfield's population is approximately 380,000,[10] making it the ninth-most populous city in California and the 52nd-most populous city in the nation. The Bakersfield–Delano Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Kern County, had a 2010 census population of 839,631, making it the 62nd largest metropolitan area in the United States.[14] The more built-up urban area that includes Bakersfield and areas immediately around the city, such as East Bakersfield, Oildale and Rosedale, has a population of over 520,000. Bakersfield is a charter city."
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