True Detective Season Three *NO SPOILERS*
If y'all haven't started it, start it.

You won't find a better written series anywhere on tv. The dialogue is tremendous. Witty and rich with subtext, they never underestimate the audience.

The casting is as good as anything you've seen. Marshahala Ali is his usual amazing self. But Stephen Dorf will really surprise you. He's got to play a range and an arc I didn't know he had in him. The conversations between the two about race really touch on how complex race relations really are. And Scoot Mcnairy, who I love already, does a fine turn as the aggrieved. Rounding out is Carmen Ejogo, who plays Ali's wife. Man. If you've been married you will really appreciate the ebb and flow of that relationship. She's fantastic because she drives him to introspection, often against his will. The combination of being both ally and antagonist is realistic yet rarely seen in film.

This isn't a good show. It's a great show. 5 episodes in and anyone who loves crime shows, social commentary or just great acting should be on board. The story is unraveled in these wonderful onion layers, you can see the great care that was taken by whomever was in front of the keyboard.

I highly recommend.
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Well it's better than season 2. But this season is not over yet, they might fuck it up. Or not. We'll see.
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