The Sun: Iskra Lawrence & other U.K. IG models with BM targeted by white incel trolls
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No surprise here.With the rise of right wing people like Trump letting white losers go back to being publicly racist.
"coalburners" "coal patrol". I'm sorry but these terms are just so fucking ridiculously hilarious. How they come up with this shit? But that's 4chan, where they call women mudsharks but then later jerk off to interracial porn, bunch of edgelords.
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Fuck them troglodytes. They plow women from all over the world but have the audacity to be mad a brother for plowing one of theirs.  Rolleyes
Straight From My Brow Balls, Using Good Pussy!!!!
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I swear for all the claiming of being so superior to everyone else there is no more weak minded group on the planet.  They seem to be the only ones that need their ego stroked constantly.  I mean how great or superior are you if you have always tell yourself and everyone else that.  These dudes are always afraid that guys are taking their women well if you guys were so great then they would not want to leave you right?

I always find it funny they say how once they go black they do not want them back, then why go through so much effort to bully and attack them if they are so tainted in their eyes.  Only thing I can think of is they are jealous the women are not with them or they wish they were the women and want to be the ones dating the black guys.

Also is they are upset now wait until later this year when a slew of movies staring white women with black love interest star coming out.  They are really gonna lose it.  This one might not hurt as much but Taylor Swift is starring in the live action movie version of Cats along with the male lead of Jason Derulo and the characters they play are very much into eachother.
Fine with me. All this does is make interracial relations more taboo.

And what girl doesn't love a little taboo?
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